Lawnmower Service in Southport

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Kubota W821R ProRedblade Mowers is our full service sales and lawnmower service in Southport. We sell riding mowers in sizes for half-acre or less up to tractors for large acreage properties. Our on-site service centre is staffed with skilled and experienced mechanics ready to keep your mower working at peak performance. We service and repair all brands and stock parts so turnaround time is minimal. Keep your cell phone handy when mowing the lower 40 acres. If your mower breaks down out there far from everything, call us. We’ll come and get you and repair your mower. We like to keep our customers happy. Happily, there are few problems with riding mowers that a scheduled maintenance program won’t fix.

The likeliest time for lawnmower repairs is at the beginning of the mowing season after the mower has been sitting for months. For owners in Southport, lawn mower service to winterise your machine before storing it for winter will protect the motor and battery.  Schedule a service check in early Spring and it will be in top cutting form for the season. Those two steps will save you money, time and grief. There are clues your mower needs attention. If your machine fails to start, it could be the spark plug or air filter; you might need a new battery. Engine rattles are cause for concern and may be caused by a worn fan belt or the engine may need lubricating. The blade belt should be checked as well if you want the machine to cut efficiently. Carburetor problems will cause your machine to run rough.

At Redblade Mowers we recommend lawnmower service in Southport at our facility to prolong the life of your riding mower. At the first sign of trouble, contact Redblade Mowers and schedule maintenance and repairs. Let us go over all the parts on a regular maintenance schedule as your best chance at a trouble free mowing season. If the kids are using the mower remind them the lawnmower is for cutting grass and if they run over rocks, toys and tree limbs they will damage the flywheel which costs money; yours or theirs. While you’re here getting your lawnmower serviced stop by the showroom and let our staff show you what the latest models can do. It doesn’t cost anything to look.