Lawnmower Service in Leyland

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AtcoWhen you come to the end of summer you need a lawnmower service in Leyland to ensure the machine is correctly secured for the winter. By doing this there is no gumming up of fluids to spoil your spring mowing.  It is a very good idea to service the lawnmower before winter storage as small faults can be fixed and blades can be sharpened. They will usually be fairly blunt after a summer of mowing the grass. If you have already serviced the lawnmower there are a few steps to make sure your mower will be fit for spring. Firstly remove the battery and clean the battery leads. Coat the terminals with a terminal protector and after cleaning the battery store it in a cool place away from fuel containers, water heaters or other heat source. It can be charged a day or so before you need to use the machine.

The grass will soon stop growing and another year of cutting the lawn will be over. In Leyland, lawnmower service and maintenance is the way to keep your machine in good condition for many years. With care and a yearly service there is no reason why your lawnmower should not last for many years in excellent condition. Make sure the lawnmower is regularly cleaned of the grass cuttings and mud but make sure to disconnect the spark plug before attempting this and never touch the blades with your hand. Use a brush to get rid of the debris and where appropriate spray the underside until clean. Store the machine in a protected dry place.

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