Lawnmower Service in Ormskirk

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So you are looking to service your lawnmower in Ormskirk? Well, as winter is just around the corner, this can be the perfect time to book your lawnmower in for a shut down service. Here at Redblade Mowers,  we offer one of the most comprehensive lawnmower services in the Ormskirk area.  Your grass will have slowed down its growth and the weather will be too wet for mowing. So, while everything is in hibernation, it is the right time to get your garden equipment properly shut down so that it is ready for work next spring. If the lawnmower is correctly prepared and stored in a dry, protected place such as a garage or garden shed it will be ready to start when you need it. A full service before storing will ensure that all parts are new and in good condition so that there should be no need for service again until the growing season ends.

When spring arrives you want to be able to start your lawnmower with no problem. A lawnmower service is best after the growing season, at the end of autumn. When carrying out a shut down service it is recommended to remove the battery and store it in a cool dry place away from any flammable products. The terminals should be cleaned and a protective coat painted onto them. The mower should be thoroughly cleaned and the blades sharpened professionally. The fuel tank should be either empty or completely full. The spark plug lead should always be disconnected.

We are one of the leading experts in garden machinery and offer a wide range of products. To book you lawnmower in for its service please contact us. We have ride on mowers and leaf blowers as well as chain saws and mini tractors. We stock a huge range of top brand products to suit any size garden be it a small back yard or a huge estate lawn. Redblade Mowers have been in business since 1990 and our family run company has gained much experience during this time. We are also able to offer professional advice on the best tools for the job in any circumstance. Our support and service department is equipped with all the necessary tools to repair and maintain all your garden machinery. if you have any questions at all just give us a call on 01704 821338