Low maintenance Japanese garden design

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Japanese gardens have become increasingly popular over the last decade because they represent a modern and low-maintenance solution for gardens of all shapes and sizes. Japanese gardens may initially seem difficult to create, but they are surprisingly easy to design and take care of, allowing you to have your own zen space in Burscough and surrounding areas.

Be selective with plants

The plants you choose to grow in your garden are going to play a big part in creating a Japanese-style effect. There are some plants which will instantly add an Asian touch to your space, such as bamboo grasses and Acer trees. If you want to add some colour to your garden then opt for bright azaleas which have a distinctly Japanese look.

Maintain a neat lawn

One of the most important elements of Japanese garden design is maintaining a well-pruned aesthetic. The wild meadow look is not going to work in this type of garden style, so be sure to keep on top of tree and shrub pruning, deadheading flowers, and mowing the lawn. Contact our sales and repair team to keep your mower in the best condition for keeping your lawn area pristine.

Use water features

Many people favour Japanese-style gardens because they create a sense of relaxation and tranquillity. One of the best ways to achieve this feel is by adding a water feature to a garden. The visual effect, as well as the trickling sound of a water feature, calms our senses and creates a peaceful area in the garden for personal reflection.

Landscape with rocks

If you want the ultimate low-maintenance Japanese garden then opt for a gravelled area or rockery. You could use a variety of rocks in different sizes to create a sculptured, architectural look. Alternatively use a mass of uniform gravel or rocks instead of lawn or decking as an outdoor flooring surface. The benefit of using rocks is that they are completely maintenance-free. Unlike a decked area, you won’t need to annually clean or re-seal the rocks, and unlike lawn, rocks don’t need watering or mowing.

Contact our team to find out which Solis tractors or mowers can help you create your dream Japanese-style garden.