Picking the right robotic mower to maintain your lawn

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Although most people still tend to think of lawnmowers as machines that you have to push along or ride, nowadays, robotic mowers are becoming more popular.

After all, West Lancashire can get pretty cold over the winter, making a mower that does the job for you all the more appealing. But what should you know to get the right robotic mower for your lawn?

Lawn size

Every robotic mower will have its own area limit, so the first thing you need to know before buying one is how big your lawn is. Once you have the measurement, you should look for a model with a lawn coverage limit that is a bit greater than your lawn size. That will give you a little extra security.

Buying one with a coverage limit far greater than your garden size is a waste of money, but if the limit is too low, it may not be able to cut all of the grass on the lawn. There are apps available for free that will help you measure the lawn perimeter.

Garden slope

Many gardens are on a slope of some degree and each robotic mower is built to deal with different degrees of sloping. Make sure you know if your garden is on a slope and how steep it is before picking your mower. If it is a relatively gentle slope, most robotic mowers on the market should be able to handle it reasonably well.

On the other hand, if the slope is quite steep, then you may need to consider buying a high-end mower with four wheels. This is because standard models might not be able to remain straight while navigating it.

Mower repair

At some point the mower may break down, leaving it needing to be repaired or replaced. The former is often a cheaper option, so make sure you pick one from a supplier that provides mower repairs as well as sales.

Garden layout

Given that robotic mowers work automatically, the layout of your garden will be a factor in choosing one. If it has several narrow angles and ornaments that will act as obstacles, it will be important to pick a slimmer, lighter model.

For gardens that feature larger uninterrupted expanses of grass, a bigger type of machine will be the most efficient maintenance choice.

Robotic mowers at Red Blade Mowers

Once you are sure of your garden, Red Blade Mowers will supply the perfect robotic mower. We offer sales and repairs in Southport, Ormskirk and other parts of West Lancashire, so call now for details.