Robotic Mowers in Lancashire

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Robotic Mowers in LancashireRobotic mowers in Lancashire are the latest innovations in lawn care. See it in action at Redblade Mowers. This is what we’ve all been waiting for and after decades of development, you can buy yours right here at our store. We have robotic mowers for properties from one-third to one acre. They can navigate through most grassy terrain, flat, sloped and changing widths. Robotic mowers mow your lawn for you when the lawn needs to be cut to the height you prefer at any time, even at night. It even has headlights. That’s not so the mower can see where it’s going but so you can see where it is; in case you care. This robotic machine is quiet so if you want to programme it for Sunday morning, go ahead; you won’t bother the neighbours.

You would expect reliability and a minimum of human assistance from a robotic lawn mower. In Lancashire, robotic mowers from Redblade Mowers have an onboard GPS that maps your garden route within the installed guidewires. The technology is finally here that can promise the dependability customers expect. These self operating mowers have been in the works for decades. Imagine an acre of grass being cut to perfection while you practice your putts or take a nap. You can probably guess how you control your robotic mower; your smartphone! That’s all you need to start or stop operation, change settings or find it on your property or someone else’s if they steal it. Who knew lawn care could be this much fun.

Robotic mowers in Lancashire and Redblade Mowers are the perfect partners to bring you carefree lawncare. We bring you the best brands of garden equipment to fit most any budget. You have manufacturer’s guarantee, our promise of low prices and we service what we sell right here on site. Contact Redblade Mowers or visit our store and talk to our sales staff about robotic mowers. They can answer all your questions and show you a demonstration of a working unit. Don’t worry if the robotic mower is not for you; we have the best riding mowers on the market and one of them will fit your lawn care needs.