Solis Tractors in Preston Make Light Work of Garden Maintenance

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Compact Tractors in PrestonHave you seen the Solis tractors in Preston at Redblade Mowers? It is certainly worth a visit to these specialist suppliers. Solis tractors are fast becoming the most popular tractor on the market. With their huge range of benefits it is easy to understand why these versatile machines are an excellent investment. They are suitable for anyone owing or working on a large property that needs to be maintained. Horse units, smallholdings, large gardens and landscaping businesses are a few of the many places where these tractors can be used.

If you find that mowing the lawn on your property is becoming too much to complete comfortably, perhaps the problem lies with not having the most suitable equipment. In Preston, Solis tractors can make light work of what previously was a challenging task. We offer the Solis tractor at an excellent price. Our aim is to offer our clients the very best in gardening equipment, and the Solis tractor is no exception. Saving you both time and effort, the Solis tractor is highly regarded for its strength, durability and versatility. It is available with a range of attachments, including, front loaders, rotary tillers and flail mowers, each designed to make life – and work – easier. The tractor is available with industrial, turf or agricultural tyres, and is also road legal. This means you can drive it from one property to another without having the hassle of loading onto a trailer to transport. Maintaining your property has never been easier with a Solis tractor!

Solis tractors in Preston are built with a 3 Cylinder Mitsubishi diesel engine. This makes it a fuel efficient, reliable and versatile machine. It is also agile, and quite looking too. If you are interested in finding out more about Solis tractors and the benefits of owning one, contact Redblade Mowers. Our expert team are available to provide any guidance and advice. First established in 1990, we continue to offer the best quality, at the best prices. We also offer a repair facility, with a modern workshop and trained technicians, we will ensure that your Solis tractor is well maintained or serviced.