3 easy tips for cutting long grass in your garden

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As we move into the summer months, it’s often hard to keep up with your constantly growing lawn. Whether you are too busy or just don’t know where to begin with an overgrown garden, there are ways to make cutting extremely long grass easier. Follow the 3 easy steps listed below.

1. Remove the top layer of grass first

One of the biggest mistakes that is made when attempting to cut overgrown grass is trying to cut it all at once. However, this can damage your lawn and cause weeds to spread. In some cases, it may even turn your lawn brown! If your grass is long, never remove more than a third of the length of your grass with a mower. Make sure you use a blade trimmer first to remove the excess.

2. Use sharp blades

Another important aspect of cutting your lawn is making sure you’re using quality equipment. If your mower doesn’t have sharp blades, it’s useless. You need to make sure your mower is in a good working condition and capable of carrying out a big job.

Here at Redblade, we are the number one dealer in Lancashire of Solis and stock compact, low maintenance, and fuel-efficient mowers for getting the job done. Not only are Solis tractors extremely reliable and efficient, but they are also small and stylish, offering a mixture of comfort and ease whilst tackling your garden.

3. Choose the best time of day

In order to make what can be a tedious task easier, it is useful to know when to cut your grass and how often. The best time of day to cut the grass is mid-morning at around 10 am when the grass is dry enough and before the heat of the day sets in.

As for how often you should tend to your lawn, weekly mowing is the way to go. Cutting the grass once a week will ensure your garden stays healthy and well-kept, especially in these drier, summer months.

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