3 reasons clearing paths is essential over winter

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Every homeowner knows how crucial regular garden maintenance is and also the challenges winter weather brings. One job to bear in mind if the snow or ice has arrived is clearing your paths. Let’s take a look at a few essential benefits of clearing your paths over winter.

Keeps paths safe to use

This is by far the most important reason to keep paths cleared in your garden this winter. Keeping your paths clear of any frost, snow or debris will keep them safe to use and prevent anyone from slipping on them. Compacted snow and ice, in particular, should be cleared as soon as possible because they can be the biggest slip hazards. It is also key to remember that it is not just paths in your back garden. Driveways should also be focused on, as should any paths at the front of your house that will be used.

Helps keep your outdoor space tidy

Although freshly fallen snow can look very pretty, slush and ice are not quite as pleasing to look at. By clearing paths in winter, you not only keep them looking tidy but also spruce up your whole garden. It is key not to forget garden maintenance at this time of year and take steps to keep your outdoor space in good order.

Avoids any legal trouble

Although it might sound a little drastic, you may be held liable if someone falls and injures themselves on an uncleared path on your property. This could be someone delivering leaflets through your front door who slips on an icy driveway, for example. It is best not to take this risk and instead keep paths safe to use.

Correct equipment is crucial

As with other garden maintenance jobs, you must invest in the right equipment before clearing paths over winter. Here at Redblade Mowers in West Lancashire, we have everything you need under one roof. From sweepers to wheelbarrows, our sales and repair team are always on hand to offer the best advice on which tool to buy. Order online today or get in touch on 01704 821 338 for more help.