3 ways to give your garden an instant makeover in 2021

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gardening suppliesGarden maintenance is essential for any home because it keeps your outdoor space looking its best. This not only makes it a better place to spend time but also makes you feel more comfortable having people over to enjoy it. If your garden has seen better days though, it might seem a big job to return it to its former glory and transform it into an awesome space.

The key is to find simple ways which anyone can do to bring quick, effective garden maintenance results. But what are 3 of the best instant makeover tips for 2021?

Mow the lawn and trim the hedges

This might sound overly simplistic but you would be surprised by how much difference a quick bit of basic maintenance makes. Sorting out an overgrown lawn that looks messy is a classic example. Giving it a good cut should not take too long with a decent mower and instantly makes your outdoor space look tidier. If the grass has grown very long, just remember that you might need to use a trimmer or brushcutter first before mowing.

Trimming hedges is another maintenance job that instantly takes your garden from an overgrown mess to a tranquil oasis. If you use a proper hedge trimmer, you should find this task fairly quick and simple to tackle.

Paint external woodwork

Lots of people have external woodwork in their gardens – from sheds to wooden fencing and decking. A great tip to quickly transform how your outdoor space looks is painting this woodwork a new colour. There are some great shades on the market now and this makes it easy to get the look you want. From pale yellows to oceanic blues, the only limit is your imagination! Not only is this quick to get top-draw results with but it should not cost too much either.

Tackle unruly trees

If you have trees in your garden, getting them in order is a quick way to instantly makeover a space. Damaged or overgrown trees can really affect how it looks, so it’s key to keep an eye on them. For smaller jobs you feel confident handling, ensure you use proper tools like a chainsaw for the task. This will enable you to get the best results in a safer way. If you do not feel confident handling this type of maintenance or cannot do it safely, it is best to call in a professional tree surgeon.

Garden maintenance tools in West Lancashire from Redblade Mowers

As noted above, the key to being able to quickly makeover your garden and get top results is having the right tools for the job. Here at Redblade Mowers, we have a selection of mowers, trimmers, chainsaws and brushcutters to purchase. Order online today or contact 01704 821 338 for more details about our sales and repair service.