How to get rid of weeds

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Weeds are an annoying problem in every garden. Not only do they require tedious maintenance, but they also spoil the look of your landscaping. If you have children, you also need to be careful of things like nettles and knotweed. Everyone wants to get rid of weeds, but it can take a lot of time and effort to dispose of them effectively. Perennials like dandelions are difficult to tackle because they will keep coming back if you do not get to the root, while annuals are challenging to get rid of because they spread their seeds far and wide. If you’re struggling to get on top of them, we can recommend a number of things that will help.

1. Weedkiller

Perhaps the easiest and most obvious answer is to invest in weedkiller. There are many options available in supermarkets and garden centres, depending on what type of weeds you want to get rid of. If you want a quick and easy solution and you don’t mind using chemicals, weedkiller is definitely worth trying.

2. Weed control fabric

Using thick, weed control fabric is ideal for paths, driveways and patios, or anywhere where you expect heavy footfall. The fabric absorbs nutrients and water to keep the soil nourished, but creates a virtually impenetrable barrier for weeds.

3. Sand

If you have a problem with weeds on your driveway or patio, weed control sand could solve this. This heavy-duty sand is easy to use and can last for years, the unique composition making it difficult for weeds to take hold. Simply brush into the grooves of your paving and say goodbye to those pesky weeds.

4. Salt

Just as too much salt can be bad for our bodies, a surplus of salt can also kill plants. Salt works by dehydrating plants, but you must be careful not to damage any nearby vegetation. This is a safe and easy option to get rid of your weeds, especially if you want to tackle them quickly.

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