Are wild flowers easy to maintain in your garden?

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If you’re looking for low-maintenance ways to spruce up your garden in West Lancashire or a surrounding area, look no further than wildflowers. Wildflowers are really easy to grow, rarely get weeds and attract lots of different wildlife like birds, butterflies and bees. But which ones should you plant and how should you go about it? Keep reading on to find out more.

Are wildflowers really low maintenance?

Chances are you’ve marvelled at a beautiful array of wildflowers in someone’s garden before. But with such beauty, it must take quite a bit of work to achieve such results, right? Wrong! Wildflowers are exactly that – wild. They are happy to be left alone to grow and thrive without intervention, making them the ideal choice for people who can’t devote every weekend to gardening activities.

How to plant wildflowers in your garden

You can plant wildflowers with seeds, wildflower turf or use pot plants. While using pot plants is probably the most expensive route, it does help being able to pick the strongest plants you see at your local garden centre. Simply plant these into the soil as normal.

You can also grow wildflowers from seed. This is the cheapest way to plant wildflowers and lets you handpick the range you’d like to go for.

Lastly, you can get wildflowers in your garden by laying wildflower turf. This is a great way to have wildflowers in an instant without waiting for them to grow over time. The laying process may be slightly tedious and time-consuming, but once it’s over you’ll have wildflowers for years to come.

Get the garden of your dreams with wildflowers

If you’re looking to have a natural and beautiful garden without all the maintenance required, look no further than wildflowers. Wildflowers can give your garden a whimsical, countryside feel without feeling too manicured and structured. As long as you maintain freshly cut grass with an expert mower from Redblade Mowers, your wildflowers will look stunning without looking out of control. Get in touch with our team today to find out which mower is right for you. Our sales and repair team will be happy to walk you through various different options.