Can a lawn mower cut long grass?

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Lawnmower For one reason or another we’ve all encountered our lawn growing longer than we would have liked it to between cuts. Whether it’s a spell of unusually bad weather or leaving for a few weeks, such as going on holiday, what should you do when your lawn has grown longer than normal?

Can your mower cope?

The answer is that it depends on your mower. If you have a powerful petrol or high-spec electric mower then it should be powerful enough to cope with the increased length of your grass.

The key thing to do is keep in mind you probably won’t be able to cut the lawn as short as you would like in one sitting. So raise your mower height to the highest possible setting and pass over your lawn to take the top layer off. Then a few days later lower your mower height by a third and repeat the process. By the time you come to your third pass through you should be able to comfortably mow the lawn to your preferred mower height.

What should you be mindful of?

Remember that the longer the grass is, the higher the chance it will be trapping moisture. Long grass will take much longer to dry than short grass, so even though it might look dry on the top it could still be wet. Wet grass will lead to your mower being at a higher risk of clogging. That risk of clogging will also be compounded by the increased grass length.

This means it’s important to take your time and keep a close eye on your mower. Empty it regularly and be sure to unclog any blockages you see as soon as possible. This applies regardless of the type of mower you use.

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