Top 3 low maintenance gardening tips

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Do you want a beautiful garden that is simple to maintain? Plants that are correctly planted in a suitable location and are watered on a regular basis will be healthy and flourish in their environment and are simple to maintain if you utilise the following tips…

1. Plant grasses and groundcovers to fill in the gaps

Weeds have fewer opportunities to establish roots when there are fewer open spaces. The addition of attractive grasses to your yard can provide diversity and prevent them from becoming overgrown.

Consider using ground cover, especially if your lawn is splotchy. You’ll save time mowing and you could even get better results as a consequence. Patchy lawns are often indicative of grass in conflict with root systems or a lack of sunlight.

2. Use mulch

A low-maintenance landscape is one that uses techniques to reduce the amount of time you have to spend on routine tasks such as watering, trimming and dividing your plants.

Adding a thick coat of mulch to your flower beds, such as bark or crushed leaves, may help to minimise the amount of watering and weeding required. Consider installing a drip watering system on a schedule so you don’t have to battle with the water hose all of the time.

3. Keep the number of plant varieties to a bare minimum

Simply said, the fewer plants you keep in your backyard, the more spare time you will have to spend relaxing and enjoying it. If you want to add some colour to your garden, you could plant evergreen shrubs like euonymus, or you could introduce a few plant containers. Just be sure to limit yourself to a maximum of two varieties of plants to keep the amount of time spent on your garden and effort to a bare minimum.

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