Do vertical gardens require a lot of maintenance?

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A vertical garden is a type of garden where plants are grown on a vertically suspended panel via the use of hydroponics. Vertical gardens have a long history dating back to the ancient world. These unique structures can last for decades, making them very popular. The distinctive nature of such a garden can raise a number of questions for potential gardeners about the amount of maintenance needed – the information below should help you to make an informed decision on whether to create your own vertical garden.

Maintaining a vertical garden can be easy

Maintaining a vertical garden can actually be easier than a traditional one – they are less likely to succumb to pests and other diseases, and the positioning of a vertical garden also means that they are often require less maintenance than a horizontal garden. As with any type of garden, there are certain plants you can buy that will be easier to grow in a vertical garden, for example, succulents.

Other plants that tend to do well in vertical gardens include spider plants, lipstick plants and ferns. Whilst you can water your vertical garden normally, some people choose to set up a drip irrigation system, which can make it much easier to maintain such a garden. Working at eye level also means it can be easier to work on a vertical garden than a traditional horizontal garden as you do not have to constantly lean over to maintain it. This is especially helpful for older people or people with disabilities.

Issues with maintaining a vertical garden

However, vertical gardens also come with their difficulties. An outdoor vertical garden (particularly if used to grow vegetables) may require more frequent fertilisation than a horizontal garden, due to the small bed size of the pockets involved. Vertical gardens will typically have less root space so more planning may be needed and plants may need to be moved more often.

Despite these issues, maintaining a vertical garden is generally considered to be easier than maintaining a horizontal garden. If you have any other queries, you can browse our website or contact us on 01704 821 338 for more advice. We provide sales and repair of everything garden, operating across West Lancashire and surrounding areas.