Flail Mowers in Manchester

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Flail Mowers in PrestonYou know we carry the best brands at Redblade Mowers so come see our Flail mowers in ManchesterFor big jobs like cutting acres of pasture or cutting down the stubble from a harvested crop, you will probably want a flail mower that attaches to your tractor. This is not a mower for a fine lawn. It’s for a rough cut of park preserves, to control the growth in pastures and make the corn field dirt bike ready after the corn is harvested. This is a machine that will make short work of a big job. Some farmers take responsibility for the growth of roadside weeds, tall grasses and stubbles that border their fields.  Depending on the size of your acreage, the Flail mower or tractor attachment flail mower will get the job done. Its heavy duty construction will roll over just about anything without damaging the mechanical workings.

Owners of larger private properties often don’t choose to have grass lawns over the whole acerage. For both private homes and public areas in Manchester, Flail mowers go where the grass lawn riding mower can’t. For instance, the boundaries near wooded areas, nature’s natural landscapes of thick rough plants, grasses and stubby weeds that sometimes line walking trails or the rough areas around ponds and lakes. Of course this is the machine for the Gentleman Farmer or grape vine grower. Undeveloped vacant land should be kept presentable and a Flail mower will keep scrub grass and weeds from growing out of control.

Sometimes, it rains so much you can’t get your lawn cut and Flail mowers in Manchester would be handy to own. At times like that, the grass grows so fast by the time it’s dry enough to cut you have to cut it two or three times at high settings because your lawnmower can’t handle grass that long. That’s when it would be nice to know someone with a Flail Mower. Contact Redblade Mowers to find out more about the latest models of Flail mowers ready to give you years of labour saving service. We have them for you right here at our store and we can service them for you in our own service shop.