Flail Mowers in Preston

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Flail Mowers in PrestonFor efficient and hardy flail mowers in Preston, speak to Redblade Mowers. The flail mower has been designed for use to cut heavier grass and scrub which a normal lawn mower could not cope with. There are smaller models that are self powered and larger models that fit on a tractor. This type of mower is best used to cut tall grass where contact with stones may be possible. One of the benefits of a flail mower is that if the flail hits an immovable object it simply bounce off, unlike other mowers it will not throw the object out of the mower. They can be used on smallholdings or sports fields as well as long grass in pastures and paddocks. The flail mower can also be used to cut down patches of tough brambles and scrub bush areas.

There are times when the grass on your property can grow out of control along with the weeds. In Preston, flail mowers can be used for cutting your lawn as well as cutting tough weeds. The flail mower has a robust heavy duty gearbox and upgraded bearings for a smoother action. The blades are arranged spirally for an efficient cut. There are a number of models that have a working width from between 102 and 168 cm. They range from 18 – 25Hp up to 30 – 64Hp.Their weight is from 250Kg to 359Kg. These mowers are heavy duty for large lawn areas and will leave a fine lawn finish if used regularly. The cutting height is adjustable from 3cm up to 8cm depending on what is being cut.

If you need mower with strength and endurance then you need a flail mower in Preston. Contact Redblade Mowers today or visit our extensive showroom to see all the products we stock. Our company was established in 1990 and over the past 28 years we have garnered extensive knowledge in the garden equipment industry. We have a large selection of mowers, both ride on, compact tractor operated and normal petrol engine lawn mowers. We also stock a large selection of other gardening equipment.