Flail Mowers in Wales

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Flail mowers in Wales are a great option if you run a commercial turf business or you live in extensive grounds that need regular maintenance. Redblade Mowers gives customers access to top-quality, modern, efficient and cost-effective products ever since we began business operations in 1990. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we have a wealth of experience and knowledge in supply and repairs of premium gardening products. Most of our work comes to us via word of mouth recommendations from satisfied customers. They rely on us to supply them with a comprehensive array of gardening products, ranging from ride-on lawn-mowers and tractors, leaf blowers, chainsaws and a host of related products. We also help you with repairs and maintenance. All our products and services are tailored to meet your preferences, needs and budget.

For property owners in Wales, flail mowers are a type of mower where there is a horizontal shaft that is designed to rotate at moderately high speeds. Attached to this shaft are a range of knives, blades and cutters in a free swinging state. These different blades can be used for grass cutting, general purpose mowing, mulching leaves, or for very tough cutting conditions like scalping or over-seeding. Thatch thinning can also be done with flail mowers. Another important activity is heavy duty operations in rocky or trash filled areas. You can get a range of versatility, cutting ability and power requirements depending on the type of flails or blades used. That is why these mowers are also known as vertical rotary cutters.

Flail mowers in Wales are also a great option for large scale operations like when the cutter is moving through roadways. Since the blades don’t eject anything outside the vehicle, it makes it a tidy operation. You can also use this mower in wet conditions. It can handle huge volumes of work and that’s why it’s best used over large tracts of land. This makes it one of the most versatile and useful pieces of equipment for professional gardeners, landscapers and agriculturists. If you are looking for flail mowers, contact Redblade Mowers. We can provide you with the right support and advice.