Lawnmower Service in Croston

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KiotiA lawnmower service in Croston may be necessary if you have any problems cutting your lawn.At the beginning of winter it is a good idea to have your lawnmower go through a shut down service where the fuel and other fluids are drained and the machine is basically shut down for a few months. Most of us are busy and do not get around to doing this. Your lawnmower may work fine for a while but it will need a service to keep it functioning properly. Most machinery should have a service once a year. If you have a ride on mower it should be treated rather like a car and have an regular service to make sure the engine is in good working order.

The lawnmower should have the blades sharpened at least once a year to get the best cut and not rip the grass. In Croston, lawnmower service may include blade sharpening as well as changing the spark plug and replacing any filters and oil. If you have an electric lawnmower it will also need a service to make sure the electric motor is in good condition and sharp blades will put less of a strain on the motor. Our business was established in 1990 and is still a family owned and run local service. We take great pride in ensuring that all the equipment that we sell is made to the highest standards with top quality materials and innovative designs.

Our company specialises in lawnmower service in Croston as well as many other garden machinery requirements. We service leaf blowers and chainsaws as well as compact tractors. Contact Redblade Mowers today to book your garden machinery in for a service.  Our technicians are fully trained and experienced with all types of garden machinery. We sell some of the best garden equipment in the area and are confident it will be the most effective product for the job. Your lawnmower, if well looked after, should provide many years of excellent service.