Garden maintenance jobs for autumn: 3 key tasks to get ready for now

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Autumn With summer coming to an end, now is the ideal time to start thinking about autumn garden maintenance. Caring for your outdoor space is a year-long task after all, and this is certainly true during the autumnal months. Preparation is an important part of this and it is wise to think about the type of garden care jobs autumn could bring now.

What are some of the most important autumn gardening jobs to think about?

Keep watering potted plants

Many people assume that outdoor potted plants only really need regular watering in late spring/summer. The increased rainfall during autumn would seem to suggest your pots get all the water they need anyway over these months, but this is not true. Most rainwater will just run off potted plants and not make it into the soil. Be prepared to give outdoor pots a good watering at least once a week, as we head into and move through autumn. This will keep them looking healthy and hopefully extend their flowering period.

Deadhead any roses

A classic autumnal garden maintenance job to prepare for now is deadheading roses. Deadheading simply refers to the process of manually removing any finished blooms. It will not only help keep your roses healthier but also encourage an autumnal burst of colour from them. You should also remember to get rid of leaves with dark marks on them because this will help stop damaging ‘black spot’ fungus taking hold.

Trim hedges

Another job to have in mind when getting ready for autumn garden maintenance is hedge trimming. Giving hedges a trim in early autumn will tidy them up and help them look appealing all through winter. If you feel confident, you could even cut an underlying shape into the hedge. This will make it look more interesting and bring new life to your outdoor space.

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