How to look after turf

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There are some gardens wherein the grass cannot be saved. It can be hard to grow grass, and you might have dogs that are constantly digging up the few patches that you manage to grow. Some turn to turf as it can provide lawn solutions easily and conveniently. However, it’s a common misconception that turf requires no maintenance, which is why our experts have compiled this short blog post on how you’re supposed to look after turf.


To keep your turf looking lusciously green you have to pay extra attention to it with the hose, especially if you’ve just laid it. A grass plant is around 80% water, and so needs water more than other garden plants to survive. Grass most commonly carries water in its roots – but can also absorb it in its leaves – this means that turf roots (which can grow up to 1m long) need a steady stream of water seeping underneath the soil to sustain growth. We recommend that you run the sprinkler around twice a day when the turf is new, upping this if temperatures are particularly high.


You should only start mowing your turf once it has become established into the soil. You can test this by using your hand to pull out a section of grass. If a few blades come out in your hand this means that the turf is starting to grow and won’t fall out the second it’s touched by a blade, so you can mow it. If the turf underneath starts to lift, you shouldn’t mow it. Instead, give it some more time and check again in a couple of days.

Do I have to mow turf?

A common FAQ is ‘do I have to mow turf?’ The answer to this question is yes – mowing turf encourages the plant to grow new leaves and suppress weeds.

If you’re from the West Lancashire, Southport, Formby, or surrounding areas, etc and want more information on how to look after your turf, feel free to contact a member of our team at Redblade Mowers.