Lawn Mower Racing: In Camera

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A look at the joys of lawn mower racing in video form

Over at Redblade Mowers Towers, we cannot fault a lawn mower racing action whilst we’re on our tea breaks. It panders to the inner Clarksonian in us and gives us a break from the drudgery of selling ride-on lawnmowers.

Lawnmower Racing Battle | Dude Perfect

The high production values of this clip are indicative of its source material: a popular YouTube channel known as Dude Perfect. This clip, showing ride-on lawn mowers going at 60 mph, has been seen by nearly 12 million people. With an enjoyable romp on a dirt track, you can see why it has had high viewing figures.

Kimi Räikkönen races Sky F1 on lawn mowers

The erstwhile Soccer AM has been a staple of Sky Sports’ schedules for over 20 years. Ditching the original Reithian style overtones of Russ Williams’ era, it is an irreverent programme a la Top Gear style for football fans. This clip of Kimi Räikkönen from 2014 shows the Formula One racer trying his hand at lawn mower racing.

Fxt class mower race 6/19/2016

For our third clip, we see a lawn mower race taking place on an oval racing circuit. Viewers are rewarded with a first person perspective of the race itself which offers a unique view of the proceedings.

Redblade Mowers, 15 February 2017.