Benefits of Lawn Mower Repair Service

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Keep your lawn mower running like new with these tips on how to repair and service your machine.

Benefits of maintaining your lawn mower

Prevents small engine problems in the future 

Maintaining your lawn mower regularly can help prevent any problems occurring with your machine when in use. This also extends the overall life of the machine.


Lawn Mowers aren’t cheap so making sure the one you have works for a long time is important. Sometimes the problem may not be as big as it seems at first and could be fixed easily.

Mower Repair Service

Things to do, to keep your lawn mower running 

  1. Drain the gasoline – at the end of each season as technicians have found that this is the main problem when lawn mowers don’t start. Either drain the gas out or use up the remaining gas and always use fresh gas for the new season
  2. Check the oil – monitor the oil level at all times and keep an eye out for floating debris or dark black colours which appear in the oil. contaminated or old oil should be drained and replaced. Always refer to the owner manual for the correct method and type of oil to use.
  3. Inspect the air filter – A clogged or dirty air filter tends to put added stress on the mower which then burns gas less efficiently. Replacement air filters tend to be low-priced so replacing it annually will ensure an optimal performance.
  4. Get a professional tune-up – Another great way to make sure your mower is working in the best way possible is to take it to a  lawn mower repair shop so they can drain the old gas and replace the air filters. They can also replace the spark plug and also perform diagnostic tests to see everything is working as it should.