New Yorker Breaks Lawnmower Balancing Record

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World Record broken for balancing a lawnmower on a chin

Lawnmower World Record

Taking it on the chin: a selection of lawnmowers under starters orders (Yes, we should have had this image on the lawnmower racing blog post). Image by Sergey Granev (via Shutterstock).

Many moons ago, there used to be a popular children’s television programme known as The Record Breakers (or plain old Record Breakers if you were born after 1980). It was a bit of an advert for the Guinness Book of Records, created by Ross and Norris McWhirter, but made good television. They used to verify any records that took place at the BBC Television Centre, supported by the late Roy Castle. Fitting into the latter is the world record for balancing a lawnmower.

This is where New Yorker, Ashrita Furman comes into the equation. Last month, he broke the record for balancing a lawnmower on his chin. The previous record which he had set himself was 20 metres. Last month, on the 24 April, he more than doubled that record. This time, with the lawnmower switched on, he walked 48.5 metres – again, balancing it on his chin.

Mr. Furman is no stranger to the Guinness Book of Records. After sixty years in publication, it never fails to top the bestseller list, at least once in the run-up to Christmas. He is a serial record breaker himself, having set more than 600 records since 1979. He has broken records on all seven continents.

Last week’s feat was the first one he set in Wales. His lawnmower balancing feat took place at the National Botanic Garden of Wales in Carmarthenshire. On the Wales Online website, he said: “The lawnmower had to be running and then it’s handle balanced on my chin and the whole time you are having to battle against it using your neck and head while walking.”

Just click on this link to view the video. What a man!

Redblade Mowers, 03 May 2017.