Quick Guide to Buying The Best Ride-on Mower

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For larger gardens, commercial outdoor maintenance, or an easy way to cut lawns flawlessly, you can’t beat a ride-on mower.

Modern engineering and manufacturing methods mean you can buy agile mowers that create the perfect cut, but which are built to last and value for money. What should you look for in a ride-on mower in West Lancashire?

Cheapest is not best

As with any investment in quality garden maintenance equipment, you get what you pay for!

That doesn’t mean big price tags though. There are reasonably priced ride-on mowers that do an excellent job, with high durability even when used frequently. The trick is to find a leading brand that has all the features you need from a supplier who keeps prices keen.

Management of landscapes

For smaller and more straight-forward grassed areas, a ride-on mower with a cutting deck at the front is often recommended. You gain high visibility over the blade patterns and can manoeuvre deftly around flower beds, trees and other garden features.

For a complex garden layout, a zero-turning circle mower is best to negotiate all the obstacles.

Your decision should pivot not just on the set-up of your mower, but how comfortable you feel when sitting on it; and ease of running and maintenance of course.

If you want to greatly simplify lawn care, look for ride-on mowers with built-in mulching functions. No grass box or clippings to deal with!

Ride on mower v lawn tractor

A lawn tractor is basically a bigger ride-on mower, designed to cut larger expanses of grass and mixed terrain. You generally sit behind the engine and on top of rotary cutting blades.

The set-up of lawn tractors makes them ideal for flatter landscapes. If you have slopes on your lawn then a nimbler ride-on mower option may be better.

The cost of ride-on movers and lawn tractors is similar.

Choose your supplier carefully

Another key thing to look for is a ride-on mower supplier who offers sales and repair.

This is something we are hugely proud of. It gives our customers the reassurance that we have an in-depth technical understanding of every mower we sell. As well as being able to offer a ride-on mower after-sales service that’s second to none.

We can advise you on all aspects of buying and running ride-on mowers, including battery life, tyre pressure and keeping your mower well maintained and working brilliantly!