Ride-on Mower Safety Tips

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Some sage safety advice on using your ride-on mower

Ride-On Mower safety image by Patrimonio Designs Ltd (via Shutterstock).

Ride-On Mower safety image by Patrimonio Designs Ltd (via Shutterstock).

The ride-on mower gives you more control than just a standard lawn mower. Its manoeuvrability offers backache free lawn mowing whether in battery or petrol form. Sometimes we can get complacent with the safe use of our ride-on lawn mower. Here’s a selection of safety tips for the safe operation of your mower.

1. Choose sturdy footwear

Flip flops are definitely out, unless you fancy a trip to A&E. Flimsy footwear could see you losing control of your lawn mower. Trainers are also a no-no. Safety footwear of any description – steel toecap boots especially – are a must.

2. Check for obstructions

This is especially true if you have dogs. Make sure your lawn has no stones or dog toys; especially as Rover could be in the path of your lawn mower. On that note, make sure your pooch is away from the lawn you are mowing.

3. Fair and sunny weather works wonders

The best time to mow your lawn is on sunny days with clear skies and good light.

4. Wear goggles

Sometimes, grit or small stones as well as grass could fly towards your face. It is best to keep your eyes protected in case the worst happens.

5. Never mow over gravel

Gravel can fly in your face and ruin your eyesight.

Redblade Mowers, 09 June 2017.