Small Holdings: When Full-Size Tractors Are Too Much

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Small holdings: When full-size tractors are too much

Picture the scene: you have just closed on your dream smallholding in West Lancashire. You have 15 acres of prime field, and you realise that even the smallest utility tractor is far too large and expensive to maintain. This is where Solis‘ range of affordable compact tractors comes in, and Redblade Mowers can outfit you from top to tilth.

The History of the Compact Tractor

The principle of the compact tractor has been imported from Japan, where smaller quantities of tillable land led manufacturers of agricultural equipment to scale down accordingly. Although modern compact tractors are generally larger than the dinky originals produced by Mitsubishi in the 1970s, they are still highly ergonomic. Full-sized tractor powerplants will produce c. 40-100hp, whilst compact tractors will do wonders with between 20hp and 50hp. For smallholders, this means that you are not wasting money on an enormously over-powered machine relative to the tasks you need doing. Compact tractors generally take only Cat-I implements (for example, small planters or flails), but generally, only large-scale operations need bigger, more power-hungry tools.

The Benefits

As in Japan, Britain is seeing a revolution in land ownership, with more and more smallholders turning towards the land in order to live a more eco-conscious life. New compact tractors are often much more fuel-efficient than anything on the second-hand market, and Solis’ compact tractors are even road-legal, fulfilling all emissions requirements. Smallholdings in Britain rarely consist of more than 20 acres and often have smaller, tighter fields so a full-sized tractor, especially with a rear-mounted implement, might well struggle with maneuvrability. Even the storage of a large utility tractor and the necessary tools, requiring a large barn or more, can make it unviable for smallholders.

Realistically, a compact tractor will not be perfect for everyone. Commercial agricultural operations often plump for second-hand full-sized tractors with larger implements to maximise efficiency and profits. But for smallholders in the Southport, Ormskirk and Formby area, it is a no brainer: why bother struggling with a ride-on mower and expensive hired-in contractors when you can efficiently manage your land with a stylish new Solis compact tractor from Redblade Mowers?