Which Solis Tractor Will Suit Your Needs?

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Solis Tractors LancashireWhether you’re a private smallholder, a commercial groundskeeper or a subcontractor, finding the right compact tractor for your gardening, groundskeeping or site maintenance can be quite the challenge. Fortunately, Solis tractors provide a great-value range of tough, reliable and adaptable machinery… but which one is best for you?

The upgrader – The Solis 20

If you’re looking to move up from a ride-on lawnmower to a compact tractor, the Solis 20 is the ideal choice. Despite its compact, easy-to-handle dimensions, the Solis 20 offers the security and traction of a four-wheel drive and is designed to be road registered. Choose from agricultural, turf or industrial tyres and a range of attachments to create the perfect step up from your old ride-on!

The consummate groundskeeper – The Solis 26

More powerful and fuel-efficient than most other compact tractors in its class, this road-legal model provides the agility you expect from a compact tractor with a full range of capabilities. Flail mowers, rotary tillers, front loaders – it all works with the Solis 26. If you’re tasked with maintaining equine units, smallholdings, golf courses or general landscaping, this is the vehicle for you.

The luxury model – The Solis 26 HST

Designed specifically with the comfort of the user in mind, the Solis 26 HST has extra safety features and high transmission potential. It also provides over-the-top lifting capacity.

The builder’s mate – the Solis 50

This utility tractor is ideal for maintenance tasks and small farms, with a tough, durable build and a complete range of available attachments. So whether you want to mow, dig or build, the Solis 50 is the perfect companion.

Working all hours – The Solis 75 CRDI

An air-conditioned cab, power steering and loads of legroom mean the Solis 75 lets you keep working day or night, and in all weathers and temperatures. With compact dimensions, a synchromesh gearbox and power steering, the Solis 75 remains capable and easy to handle even in the tightest spots, too.

Whatever your agricultural, horticultural, mowing or groundskeeping needs, at Redblade Mowers, we can supply the right Solis compact tractor for you. And with sales and repairs all under one roof, we’re confident in saying we’re the best Solis tractor dealer in Lancashire.