The Ideal Tractor For Tight Spaces

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The ideal tractor for tight spaces

Agricultural operations up and down the country may require an extensive array of specialised equipment to work their land. Today, leading manufacturers like Solis create a versatile fleet of tractors especially suited to different environments and particular tasks they need to complete. It’s essential that both utility and compact tractors never cause unnecessary damage to nearby crops conducting their roles. Manufacturers now design tractors with this issue in mind and have developed mobile farming equipment that can operate effectively in limited space.

Introducing the Solis 75 4×4 CRDI Narrow tractor

To answer the needs of agricultural enterprises working vineyards, orchards, and other operations where close work is critical, Solis have created the 75 CRDI Narrow tractor. Every part of this impressive compact tractor has been developed to work in tight areas, so it can carry out tasks efficiently, like its cleverly engineered aerodynamic bonnet and its overall width, an impressive 1358mm. Achieving best-in-class for its functionality, the narrow tractor delivers outstanding performance and is available with standard or creeper gear options.

Operator benefits of the Solis 75 4×4 CRDI Narrow tractor

This tractor from Solis features a 4WD front axle for superior traction making it a reliable option in muddy conditions. It also delivers greater steering control, for sharp turns in small spaces. Equipped with side-shift gear levers, the tractor’s “Synchromesh” gearbox offers smooth and easier shifting and greater comfort levels for operators who benefit from the additional legroom. Uses can also enjoy simpler operation from the cutting-edge power steering on board.

The Solis Narrow tractor has been designed to present its owners with a sound investment over time. Only the highest quality components have been used in its construction, including specially developed oil-immersed brakes. This feature not only reduces unwanted maintenance time, but also adds to the lifespan of the equipment.

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