Top 3 essential garden maintenance equipment

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Keeping your garden in tip-top shape is vital to ensure all of your plants grow and stay beautiful, but it can be challenging without access to the right equipment. In this blog, we will reveal the top three essential garden maintenance equipment that you need to keep your garden in the best condition with minimal effort.

Solis tractors

Solis tractors are always growing in popularity and for a good reason. They are an affordable, accessible and flexible brand of tractor that is suitable for a multitude of uses, including in domestic gardens. Ideal for mowing and spraying, with options with and without loaders, they are easy to use thanks to their compactness while serving various purposes. A Solis tractor could be your best bet if you are looking for an advanced step up from a ride-on mower.


Of course, for smaller gardens or for casual lawn mowing, the mower is the piece of kit every gardener will need at some point. Without a mower, lawns can quickly grow out of control and become unhealthy and unsightly. Ride-on mowers are the best choice for economical use, speed and freedom, but cylinder and rotary lawn mowers also serve the purpose brilliantly. Or, you may opt for a robotic mower for complete ease. No matter your level of experience, if you have a lawn, there is guaranteed to be a mower that fits you and you will get plenty of use out of it.


Tillers are designed to make cultivating and weeding gardens more efficient. If you find that you are spending too long maintaining the garden by hand, a tiller could be the answer, as they are designed for easy use to slash the time these essential jobs take. They are often powerful enough to till through sod and compacted soil while remaining lightweight and simple to operate.

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