In Video: A Selection of Lawn Mowing Fails

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A compilation of crazy lawn mowing clips

Lawn Mowing Fails image by Lobur Alexey Ivanovich (via Shutterstock).

Don’t Try This At Home! We at Redblade Mowers strongly suggest you ought to refrain from emulating this gentleman’s antics on a lawn mower. Or any of the clips you will see. Image by Lobur Alexey Ivanovich (via Shutterstock).

If you are a regular reader of this blog, we assume you use your sit-on mower in a responsible manner. Careful lawn mowing is second nature to you. We know when to keep small children away from the mower. Also how to secure your lawn mower in the winter months. Oh, and we think all lawn mowers should be called Patrick.

O.K., we lied about the last bit, but his dedication to the Emmerdale cause cannot be faulted. Speaking of stage and screen, lawn mower racing has yet to appear on Sky Sports (how we miss World of Sport with Dickie Davies!). Almost addressing the lack of serious lawn mower racing clips on mainstream television channels is our selection of clips of lawn mowing misdemeanours.

Lawn Mower Fails

The first compilation of lawn mowing fails is pure You’ve Been Framed! territory. We see a selection of misdemeanours with sit-on and walk-behind lawn mowers. A lot of these incidents are preventable or downright stupid.

Lego Lawn Mower Fail

For the second clip of lawn mowing catastrophes, we look at the stop-frame world of Alexander Design. This video has been seen by over six million people and shows how a Lego character takes to extreme measures with mowing the lawn.

Lawn Mower Wheelies, Reckless Driving And More!

More You’ve Been Framed! style madness here, this time with high octane levels of numptiness. Again, as with the first one, definitely filed under ‘don’t try this at home’.

Redblade Mowers, 13 July 2017.