Why, Why, Buy, Husqvarna Ride-On Mowers?

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A look at Husqvarna and its ride-on mowers

Husqvarna chainsaw image by Evannovostro (via Shutterstock).

Not only ride-on mowers: Husqvarna are also noted for chainsaws, motorcycles, washing machines, and sewing machines. Image by Evannovostro (via Shutterstock).

We at Redblade Mowers offer a wealth of ride-on mowers covering a multitude of brands. These include the iconic ATCO brand, one of Britain’s best known manufacturers of lawnmowers. Similarly fascinating is the history of Husqvarna. Founded in 1689, the Swedish company has a long and proud history. And you thought they only did lawnmowers.

Husqvarna started off making weapons and, like Budweiser’s Budvar brewery in the Czech Republic, was in state hands. Their last firearm was manufactured in 1989. Its name is derived from the location of their first factory in Sweden. Sewing machines were introduced to the product range in 1872, and were manufactured until their divestment in 1997. Till 1987, they manufactured motorcycles.

Today, they concentrate on lawnmowers (push along and ride-on varieties) and chainsaws. Their expansion into outdoor products was boosted by Husqvarna’s acquisition by Electrolux in 1978. Robotic lawn mowers were invented in 1995. By 2010, they became a massive sales success for Husqvarna. In 2006, they became independently owned again, expanding via acquisitions in Europe and the Far East.

Husqvarna are the world leaders in robotic lawn mowers, garden tractors, chainsaws and trimmers. They are also leaders in cutting equipment and watering products. The latter, thanks to the acquisition of Gardena in 2007. The company also chronicles its history in the Husqvarna Museum in Hakarpsvagen. It has a collection of products made in the last 328 years, from firearms to ride-on mowers.

With a Husqvarna ride-on mower, you are in safe hands. You have the reassurance of a company that has been in business for over three centuries. We also offer safety clothing and rotavators by the same company. If you have any further queries, give us a call on 01704 821338 or send us an email info@redblademowers.co.uk. We will be delighted to help you with your enquiries.

Redblade Mowers, 10 July 2017.