Why Are Solis Tractors Different?

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At Redblade Mowers, we sell lots of different tractors to suit your needs. However, we believe that one tractor reigns above them all – the Solis Tractor. In this article, we’ll look at why a Solis tractor is different from the others!

Solis tractors are small and compact

Solis tractors are perfect for agricultural and other uses, however they are very small and compact. These aren’t like traditional tractors that take up all the space on the road; Solis tractors favour compactness and user comfort. This means that they are easy to store and blend in effortlessly with their surroundings!

But you can still drive it on the road

Despite their compact size, Solis tractors still meet Tractor Mother Regulations, meaning that you can still drive it on the road. They come roadworthy – you just need your license and you’re good to go!

Solis tractors have a comfortable seat

The producers of Solis tractors knew that there was a gap in the market for really comfortable tractors, so they created it. Solis tractors have a good-sized, comfy seat that anybody will feel at home in.

You won’t need to maintain your Solis tractor much

Solis tractors are low emission vehicles, due to their compact size and contemporary manufacturing. They are also very low-maintenance vehicles, meaning that the days of lengthy maintenance repairs for your tractor are long gone!

Their manufacturers, ITL, are prided for their high-quality products, so you can rest assured knowing that you are buying from a trusted brand.

Great value for money

Solis tractors are sold at very competitive prices, unlike other tractors which can come at a very high price tag. Because tractors in this style are increasing in popularity, prices are expected to stay stable for anyone using a Solis model.

With such a diverse range of ways you can use your Solis tractor – for agricultural purposes, on estates, or for equestrian purposes – you’ll find it to be a useful, low-cost tool that will last for a long time.

As you can see, Solis tractors are agricultural vehicles of the future. Compared to traditional tractors, Solis models can perform agricultural tasks flawlessly and are a worthy investment for your farm or rural business.

If you would like any other information regarding a Solis tractor please contact us at Redblade.