3 essential garden maintenance jobs for Summer

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Summer is a glorious time of year and a season most of us enjoy. With the weather warming up and the sun out, it is the ideal time to make the most of your outdoor space. Of course, you can only do this if your garden is kept well maintained and in good order. As a result, there are some key gardening jobs to keep on top of in Summer.

But what are they?

Lawn care

Lawn care is a job that is particularly worth focusing on in the warmer months. A combination of heat and regular use can leave your lawn with worn-out patches or looking very dry. This means it is worth watering your grass if it is hot and there has been no rain for a while.

It is also worth trying to avoid using areas that are worn in order to avoid making it worse – until you can reseed it later on in the year. Of course, it is also key to keep your lawn well-trimmed in Summer. This will make it look better and make it more useable. For larger areas, a ride-on mower is handy to make it less physically demanding.

Keep your plants in good health

As well as our lawns, the plants we have in our gardens help make them really stand out. Whether it is colourful roses or pretty sunflowers, the plants you have are part of what makes your garden amazing. It is therefore a good idea to maintain them over Summer and keep them healthy. This naturally involves regular watering and can also involve feeding them with plant food. You should also help to prevent the spread of plant disease by removing any dead leaves immediately.

Give late flowering deciduous shrubs a trim

If your garden has any deciduous shrubs which flower late, it is a great idea to give them a trim in Summer. This is because pruning shrubs that have stopped flowering stimulates fresh growth. As a result, you should get a better display when they flower again next year and also help them look better over Winter.

Tools for Summer garden maintenance in West Lancashire

Here at Redblade Mowers, we stock all the tools you need to carry out top Summer maintenance tasks like those shown above. Our sales and repair department are always on hand to give advice on which tool is best to use for any job. Browse our website or contact us on 01704 821 338 for more details.