3 top tips for autumn lawn care

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Looking after your lawn in the autumn months is vitally important in order to maintain a beautiful looking garden for the following spring and summer. Autumn lawn care can be one of the busiest times for any gardener with plenty to do, however, it will pay dividends in the following months. Here are three top tips for looking after your lawn in the colder, wetter months.

Autumn lawn mowing

A regular mowing regime is vital at any time of the year, with consistent mowing encouraging a lush greensward that will deter all but the most resolute weeds. Nevertheless, cutting your lawn too short or too often can affect the colour and wear down its resistance to disease, as well as giving weeds space to grow.

With less daylight during autumn, it is imperative that your lawn gets as much sunlight as possible in order to give your grass the energy it needs to survive the harsh winter months. So, when it comes to mowing your lawn in the autumn, it is advisable to raise the blade height of your mower to between 5 to 7 centimetres (2 to 2.5 inches). Try to avoid taking off more than a third of the height and remember to keep your mower blades sharp, and for larger lawns, Solis tractors are ideal, with sales and repairs in West Lancashire including Southport, Ormskirk, Burscough and surrounding areas.

Autumn lawn feeding

The cooler temperatures and shorter days will slow down the growth rate of your grass, so it is a good idea to add a lawn feed for much-needed nutrients. Always choose a good quality professional lawn feed with low nitrogen content, but one which contains plenty of phosphorus to help the growth of healthy roots, as well as potassium for better disease resistance.

Be aware of fungal growth

Late summer and early autumn typically have the perfect climate for fungal growth, with the lawn fungus fusarium being the most common. Often found growing in lush, well-maintained lawns, Fusarium can quickly cause dead patches to appear and will need treating quickly with fungicide. Aeration and reducing thatch levels can help lower the risk of fungal growth in your lawn during the colder months.

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