3 essential garden maintenance tools for autumn

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Although there are still a few weeks of summer left, we are fast approaching the time when a change of seasons is on the cards. The switch to autumn is always a magical one, due to the impact it has on the plants, flowers and trees in your garden. Leaves suddenly find beautiful new tones of amber and russet to display, while some types of flower come out specifically at this time of year.

Of course, this is also a key time of the year for garden maintenance. Many people will spend autumn doing their last stint of garden care before the chill presence of winter descends upon us. But what three essential tools do you need to have ready for garden maintenance in autumn?

1. Leaf blower

As we move through this season, leaves which have fallen off trees can be an issue in your garden. Tidying this and other debris which has collected is therefore a crucial job. A leaf blower is your best friend here because it gives a simple way to collect fallen leaves/debris from around your garden into one area. Using a leaf blower to do this is much quicker and less physically taxing than doing it manually with a rake.

2. Hedge trimmer

Garden maintenance in autumn revolves largely around tidying up or getting things in your garden ready for winter. Trimming any hedges you might have is a great example of this. Giving your hedges a trim in autumn helps to get rid of any dead or diseased foliage and stops it from overgrowing onto paths people will use in winter. The key piece of kit to buy here is a hedge trimmer. These tools make trimming hedges easy and safe, thanks to their ergonomic and lightweight design.

3. Wheelbarrow

The amount of tidying you have to do when sorting your garden out in autumn makes a wheelbarrow essential. Trying to move what you things without one will be both tiring and long-winded. If you will be planting conifers or evergreens for example, a wheelbarrow makes moving the plants around simpler. It also means you have an easy way of moving large bags of compost about for autumn planting.

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