A Quick Guide to Choosing Your New Tractor

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Whatever you have planned for your new tractor, there’s bound to be one which has been designed perfectly for your needs. Tractor manufacturers, like Solis, have innovated to ensure that their customers can find exactly what they need without having to pay extra for unnecessary features or compromise on quality to meet a budget.

The drive to innovate gives so much choice for the tractor customer, but the multitude of options available can be confusing. So, before starting your search, it’s worth taking the time to consider the role you want your new tractor to perform, now and over its lifetime.

Essential questions to answer

Some important questions to ask yourself include what acreage of land will I be using the tractor for and what uses do I intend to put it to? If you’re managing a small parcel of land and plan on garden tilling or snow removal, you’ll require something very different than the person field mowing or haying. No doubt you’ll have a few uses in mind, so try to prioritise. Your answers to these questions will help determine how much horsepower is needed, as well as hydraulic and lift capacity.

Consider your personal preferences

After this, it comes down to personal preferences and specifics about your land.

Think carefully about where you plan to put your tractor to work. A big, powerful tractor may seem appealing, but do you need that much power if it means you will have to move fences or even buildings so it can get to where it needs to go?

Personal comfort is also important. If you plan on working early mornings or into the night, paying a little extra for a cab, air conditioning and heating may be a good investment. Would an automatic transmission be worth paying for to make your life easier.

Talk to your dealer

Once you’ve thought all these things through, you’re ready to talk to your dealer who will be able to recommend the right Solis tractor for you. Make sure to ask them about warranty terms, service options and for their own personal recommendations too. If you can, sit on one, and try it on for size.

To find out more about choosing a Solis tractor, contact us at Redblade Moowers in West Lancashire today.