Can I cut wet grass with an electric lawn mower?

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In the UK, waiting for pleasant weather in order to cut our lawns can be a tedious and frustrating affair. It may be tempting to try and take a shortcut, and cut your grass when it’s wet.

But if you have an electric lawn mower, can you, and more important should you, cut your garden when your grass is wet?

Cutting wet grass

If you own an electric lawnmower that uses a wire to draw its power then it’s important to know that you should never mow your lawn when the grass is wet.

When water is exposed to electricity, you run a serious risk of electrocution. As most lawnmowers have metal handles, a spark caused by water getting into a small hole in the protective casing around the wire could easily send a deadly shock through your hands and into your body.

Another, slightly less dramatic, reason that you shouldn’t be cutting your grass when it’s wet, even if you don’t have an electric lawnmower at risk of electrocuting the user, is that it’s very difficult to get an even cut with wet grass. Lawnmower blades mainly rely on speed rather than sharpness in order to cut grass, and wet grass tends to bend or be ripped out by a lawnmower, rather than the smooth cut that you will get with dryer grass.

Additionally, wet grass quickly clumps together and clogs your lawnmower. As the motor tries to keep the blade spinning at the same speed, the motor risks burning out and you run the risk of irreparably damaging your lawnmower.

In order to reduce the waiting time between rainfall, there are a couple of things you can consider. The first is to ensure your lawn is regularly mowed, so that it won’t be a big deal if you take a few days off from mowing due to bad weather. Keeping an eye out on your local weather forecast can help you make sure you schedule properly to ensure you never have an overgrown lawn.

Another tip is to ensure your soil is a suitable condition for your climate and rainfall levels, as some soil may become, and remain, waterlogged very easily.

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