How to maintain new turf in your garden

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Laying down turf in your garden is a great way to achieve a beautiful, green space in minimal time. But with anything great, achieving a thriving garden takes a bit of work to make sure you’re left with optimal results. While you may be tempted to neglect your freshly laid turf, it’s crucial that you give it the care it needs in order to root properly. Keep reading on to find out more.


The first few weeks after laying turf are critical. In order for the turf to take and thrive, you need to make sure you are watering your grass a sufficient amount. Otherwise, you risk the turf not taking and dying in a matter of weeks. When it comes to watering requirements, be prepared to spend a good chunk of time the first few weeks watering. Experts recommend watering twice a day, ideally first thing in the morning and in the evening. If possible, it’s best to avoid watering during the day as this can cause the grass to burn if it’s a particularly hot day.

While you want to make sure you’re watering enough, you also want to make sure you’re not overwatering. If you notice water pooling on top of your turf, lay off for a bit. While you want the grass to be moist, you don’t want it to be waterlogged.

After you have watered twice a day for two weeks, you can then shift to watering 2-3 times per week. Then when 6 weeks rolls around, you can drop to watering just once a week.


If you give your garden the watering it needs, you’ll notice that the turf takes beautifully and you’re left with a luscious lawn. So luscious, in fact, that it may start to look a bit wild. While you may be desperate to mow your new turf to see how it looks, resist mowing for at least 3 weeks to make sure the turf has fully rooted. Once you’re ready to mow, make sure you never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade and always make sure your lawn mower has well-maintained, sharp blades.

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