How to maintain a garden pond: 3 essential tips!

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A garden pond is a rewarding way to expand your garden, introducing an attractive feature to your outdoor space. The pond will naturally come with some maintenance work, which is perfect for anyone who likes to keep their hands busy.

Keep an eye on the water

Pond care varies along with the seasons. In the summer, be sure to top up your pond when water levels drop significantly, as evaporation occurs much faster in higher temperatures. Whereas in winter, encroaching ice and cool weather can be dealt with by installing heaters in the pond. Ensuring constant and conducive water conditions is paramount to the health of any wildlife in your pond.

Choose your flora and fauna carefully

The amount of pond maintenance naturally doubles with flora and fauna in your pond. Half the work is choosing the right wildlife to bring in: oxygenators boost oxygen levels and make it easier for fish to live, while filtering plants are good for leaching harmful chemicals from the water and improving its pH. While animals may naturally come to the pond once it’s set up, you can also put in your own fish, though you should take care that they are not too large or don’t reproduce too quickly, so as to not crowd the pond.

Carry out regular cleaning

Like every other part of your garden, you have to clean it regularly. Dead plants and fallen leaves must be removed before they decay and choke the pond, preventing efficient oxygen flow. The plants will also require regular trimming so that they don’t grow out of hand and take over the habitat. All garden equipment and machinery should be inspected at least once a year to ensure they are functioning as intended.

The task ahead is daunting, but the end result will be well worth it. Besides, it’s a good excuse to spend more time among the greenery and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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