What Are The Essential Garden Maintenance Jobs For Spring?

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Every homeowner will be glad to see spring burst into life and winter become a distant memory. Spring is a beautiful time of year when the temperature warms up, the birds start to sing again and the flowers begin to grow. It is also a great time for gardens, as they come to life once more after being dormant over winter. Garden maintenance is a key job over spring because it enables you to get your outdoor space ready to enjoy once more.

As any keen gardener will know, there are certain jobs to take care of in the garden at different times of the year. But which are some of the most important maintenance tasks in spring?

Give the lawn a trim

The months of wet, cold and stormy weather over winter will no doubt have left your lawn in poor shape and overgrown. Heading out with your mower when the ground dries out in spring is therefore a great tip. Just remember to keep your mower well serviced over winter or get any broken parts repaired before spring, so it is ready to use when you need it.

Tidy other parts of your garden

The rest of your garden is also likely to have got a little overgrown during winter. It is therefore a great idea to give it all a thorough spring clean and make it look its best. Common jobs are trimming out of control hedges, pruning back plants and deadheading. You may also need to weed your garden beds and mulch them. Whatever tidying up jobs you do, remember to use the right tool for the task. This will not only give better results but also keep you safe.


When your lawn is taken care of and the rest of your garden is tidied up, you may also want to think about planting. While it is wise to wait until the warmer weather is well and truly here, there are some great varieties of flower to sow in March/April. These include dahlias, sweet peas and hardy annuals. If you are worried about planting in spring, you can always sow the seeds under glass and only expose them to the elements when the sun is here to stay.

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